Dr. Afsoon Gerayli DDS.

Periodontal disease

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Our board certified periodontists provides you with complete and accurate periodontal treatment.


Los Angeles is a city that provides little saving options for dental patients suffering from periodontal disease. The good news is that patients who come to Victory Cosmetic Dentistry can receive quality treatment for this gum disease at an affordable cost and receive amazing results! Victory Cosmetic Dentistry has earned a positive reputation in the dental community for their exceptional dental care and easy financing and is located in Tarzana and Reseda. We are very committed to help patients with mild to severe periodontal disease get the treatment they need to restore their smile and oral health. Scaling, root planning, and gum surgery are performed under local anesthesia in each visit.

After treatment is done, patients will need to come back for a follow-up visit to check the health of their gums and have their gum pockets measured. In case there is the need for additional treatment, the patient’s gum status will be diagnosed and discussed accordingly. Dr. Grayly will outline a comprehensive treatment plan to ensure the patient reaches positive results under her care. First time patients will need to provide our staff with their insurance information along with a medical and dental history when they arrive for their complimentary exam and consultation.

About Periodontal Disease

A report released by the National Institute of Health shows that over 75 percent percent of adult Americans have some form of periodontal disease. Often times than not, poor brushing and flossing habits are too blame, but can also be caused from hereditary, hormonal, age, eating, and lifestyle habits. Periodontal disease begins when harmful bacteria inside the mouth attaches to the teeth. The bacteria breeds, and forms a biological film or plaque. If this plaque isn’t removed on the teeth, neighboring gingival (gum) tissues can become inflamed, resulting in the development of an early form of gum disease called gingivitis.

When gingivitis isn't addressed in it's early stages, this gum disease will progress to the more serious gum disease called periodontitis. Severe inflammation of decaying gum tissue can form deep pockets around the gumline that eventually leads to periodontal disease. The presence of plaque bacteria in this stage of gum disease continues to build up and can no longer be removed through simple brushing or flossing. Soft and hard tissue continue to break down as the gum forms deeper pockets, spreading the bacterial infection in the mouth further which can affect the teeth’s roots. The teeth may start to jiggle and the patient will experience more and more pain.