Dr. Afsoon Gerayli DDS.

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Children dentistry reseda, tarzana, ca

At Victory Cosmetic Dentistry, we have the training, patience and experience to offer child dentistry in Reseda and Tarzana. We know that children need a different approach than adults do during a dental checkup or treatment. As one of the best dentists in her field, Dr. Afsoon Gerayli uses specially designed dental equipment to treat her young patients. She also offers comfort features to soothe children and put them at ease.

Dr. Gerayli knows that children are not always able to cooperative during a dental exam or treatment. Because of this, she allows extra time for child appointments to ensure that her young patients receive thorough exams. At Victory Cosmetic Dentistry, the staff treats each child like a VIP patient. In addition, Dr. Gerayli works to keep every child’s experience a positive one. If possible, she’ll discuss their past dental treatments with them to determine their comfort level in the chair.

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At Victory Cosmetic Dentistry, you can schedule preventative treatments for your child. Our office offers sedation dentistry for kids, and Dr. Gerayli can also determine if your child needs a pedo partial appliance. Consider making an appointment at Victory Cosmetic Dentistry in Tarzana, CA when your child requires a crown or a baby root canal.  

Preventative Dentistry  

When it comes to your child’s dental care program, preventative dentistry is the most important segment. Without comprehensive examinations, treatments and cleanings, your child’s teeth can quickly develop cavities and decay. This could blemish his or her smile and bring about a lifetime of dental problems.  

For most kids, a preventative care program is simple. Consistent care at home combined with regular dental visits at Victory Cosmetic Dentistry in Reseda will prevent many dental problems. To ensure consistent care at home, encourage your child to brush his or her teeth twice a day and floss.

During a preventative care appointment, Dr. Gerayli will take x-rays to assess the development of your child’s baby teeth and his or her permanent ones. This step will allow her to confirm that your child’s teeth are progressing properly. She will also look for signs of cavities and check for gum disease as well as any other problems.

Regular checkups also involve a cleaning as it allows us to protect your child’s teeth by decreasing the development of cavities, gum disease and decay. Many kids willingly brush and floss their teeth, but just like adults, they are unable to cleanse every area. Because of this, plaque may form. When it does, the only way to remove it is with professional dental tools.

Sedation Dentistry for Kids

As a full-service dental office in the Reseda and Tarzana areas, Victory Cosmetic Dentistry offers sedation for kids. Many people fear dental appointments including children. In addition, some children have particular healthcare needs or a sensory disorder, and this may cause them to feel especially anxious in the dentist chair.

Our board certified Anesthesiologist has the training and licensing to offer sedation dentistry for kids. In addition, Victory Cosmetic Dentistry is set up to accommodate children. We provide a safe and comfortable environment. At our facility, we offer nitrous oxide as the substance relaxes our patients and makes dental procedures more comfortable. When nitrous oxide is administered during a dental visit, it will make the patient feel extremely relaxed and maybe a little euphoric. Many dentists prefer using the substance because the dosage is easy to manage. It also wear off quickly.  

Pedo Partial Dentures  

A pedo partial is a denture designed for kids. The appliance is a partial denture, and dentists use them to replace missing teeth that have been lost due to injury or decay. Dr. Gerayli recommends them to restore a child’s smile and hold the space for his or her adult teeth. The appliance may prevent orthodontia work down the road since it will allow your child’s teeth to come in properly.

If your child needs a pedo partial, your Valley dentist will take an impression of his or her teeth. The dental lab will then mold the partial denture, which will feature the lost section of your child’s teeth. To attach the appliance, Dr. Gerayli will cement the partial to the adjacent teeth.

Missing teeth may affect a child’s appearance, ability to eat healthy foods and speech patterns. In addition, teeth that are next to an empty socket may drift into the gap. With a pedo partial in place, your child will regain his or her smile. The device will work to maintain your child’s oral health, and since it remains in place, he or she will be unable to leave it on a lunchroom tray.

White Crowns

When a primary tooth exhibits signs of extensive decay or has required a dental treatment for nerve problems, a simple filling may not be enough to protect it from breaks or fractures. In this situation, Dr. Gerayli may recommend a crown. The dental device is available in steel or resin. To maintain your child’s smile, Dr. Gerayli places white crowns.

White resin crowns for the front teeth are manufactured from a composite filling substance. This increases their aesthetic appeal as they provide a natural appearance. Over time, composite crowns can stain, so this may not be a permanent solution. Also, if your child needs one, keep an eye on what he or she eats since hard objects like ice and candy could cause a composite crown to break or fracture. Because it takes dental skill and time to place this type of crown, be sure to take your child to an experienced and skilled dentist in Reseda.

Baby Root Canals

When the living tissue inside of a tooth, which is also referred to as the pulp, becomes infected, it can cause primary tooth loss. This can happen to your child’s baby teeth as well as to his or her permanent teeth. In most cases, children lose teeth because of tooth trauma or extreme decay. If it happens to a child’s primary teeth, it can be problematic because these teeth guide the placement of their permanent teeth. When an injury causes the loss of a young permanent tooth, this can be an even bigger problem since neither jaw growth nor tooth development are complete.

Premature tooth loss may result in your child acquiring a bad bite, which can bring on the need for additional dental work. Repairs like bridges and dental implants are challenging to use on children because kids change and grow quickly. For practical and cosmetic reasons, a root canal may be the best option. A root canal may save the functions of your child’s tooth. It can also allow your child to avoid speech problems.

Treatment techniques for baby root canals in Tarzana include indirect or direct pulp management as well as a pulpotomy or a pulpectomy. An indirect pulp treatment involves removing the soft sections of decay while a direct treatment is best for minor pulp exposures. For a pulpotomy, the area’s top dentist will remove part of the pulp, and when your child needs a pulpectomy, she will remove all of it.

A Kid-Friendly Dental Office

At Victory Cosmetic Dentistry in Reseda, your child will feel welcome. Dr. Gerayli and her staff are ready to perform pediatric dental treatments like crowns and root canals. You can also contact the office when your child needs sedation dentistry and preventative care.