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The main objective of a family dentist is to keep your children's teeth healthy and strong. Parents are advised by the American Dental Association (ADA) to visit their dentist as soon as their child's first tooth pushes through, which is usually six months. Dr. Afsoon Gerayli can perform cosmetic repairs when your children have lost their teeth due to extensive injury or tooth decay.

A Pedo-Partial is a removable teeth appliance made for children. They are used to replace teeth lost due to extensive cavity decay or injury. They restore the appearance of natural teeth and function as a holding space until the child’s permanent adult teeth can come in properly without crowding. A Pedo-Partial is an ideal teeth appliance for child models, for children competing in beauty pageants, or for those who want to have a beautiful smile when taking a school or family picture.

Pedo-Partial Procedure

First, We will take an impression of your child's teeth. A lab then fashions the Pedo-Partial, which is then cemented to the adjacent teeth as a substitute for your child’s lost section of teeth.

Space Maintainers

A space maintainer may need to be applied when a baby tooth is extracted or is lost due to trauma, especially when the missing tooth is located in the back. It is designed to maintain the gap in your child’s mouth open until the permanent tooth pushes through. The placement of a space maintainer is a measure taken by Dr. Afsoon Gerayli to prevent the teeth adjacent to the space from drifting and crowding into the room needed for the eruption of the permanent tooth.

Space Maintainer Procedure

First, Dr. Afsoon Gerayli will make a physical imprint of your child's teeth. It will be sent to a laboratory that designs the space maintainer in such a way to fit over one of the adjacent teeth and a loop that functions as a space holder. Dr. Afsoon Gerayli will remove the appliance in time for the eruption of the permanent tooth as soon as it becomes visible.

Construction of the Pedo-Partial Appliance

The Pedo-Partial appliance has reinforced acrylic teeth and is constructed with a lingual arch soldered to bands. Each tooth is relatively durable to prevent their breakage. Applying an occlusal rest prevents the child from bending or breaking the Pedo-Partial. A lab can fabricate a Pedo-Partial as a removable upper or lower arch appliance that features a shade closely matching your child’s natural teeth.

Some Pedo-Partials feature replacement teeth for the four primary anteriors and are often called a “flipper” since children usually like to flip it in and out. This action can easily be remedied by Dr. Afsoon Gerayli creating extra retention on the teeth appliance using direct bonded buttons and/or a combination of additional clasps. Cooperation by the child is essential when they wear a removable Pedo-Partial. If the child seems to have difficulty following instructions related to this type of appliance, a fixed Pedo-Partial will need to be worn.

Opposing models and a bite registration are necessary for proper construction of a Pedo-Partial as it is when making any bridge or partial. There are various kinds of "Pediatric Partials" to replace front missing baby teeth. However, frontal
partials are more complicated to make if little room exists between the gums and the bottom teeth, for example. In addition, Pedo-Partials are somewhat difficult to take care of but most kids adapt to their care relatively well.

The time it takes for a front permanent tooth to come in varies, but is usually around seven years old. There is a considerable waiting period therefore, for a permanent tooth to erupt if a three year old has lost his or her tooth prematurely. The cost of a Pedo-Partial will vary according to a number of factors.

A partial isn't necessary to place in the front except for appearance. If a child has no additional damage, such as a chipped tooth, the fee for a regular dentist to make a Pedo-Partial can be $500 and up, and may not be covered by dental insurance. Parents will need to discuss the price of a Pedo-Partial with their dentist to decide if it’s really worth the investment using this appliance to replace the front teeth. Dr. Afsoon Gerayli generally agrees that the loss of baby front teeth (especially the lower incisors) affects speech, eating, or tooth development.

Special Circumstances

There are some cases when she will take an impression of a child’s teeth if they are very young at the time of their extraction and will be either sedated or under general anesthesia. Pedo-Partial teeth are supposed to resemble natural baby teeth, which means that there will sometimes be more space between the teeth. Some dentists place pink resin in between or just near the teeth to make the partial look more attractive, when this is possible.